Armorer Training Courses- I have been getting asked a lot on this, and post-Covid, I'm ready to schedule. Here's what's coming up, and I'm teaching all of these scheduled classes, sometimes with guest experts. Basic FW is AK47/AKM/AK74/RPK, RPD, PKM, SVD, RPG-7, DShK plus what attendees need to add here are there. I have 92 weapons I can certify on so if you need Africom or Iraq or SEA, I can sculpt the course. I'll do the Stoner Chronicles at some point!

April 3 – 5                   Barrett Armorer Course Tentative

April 6                         Glock Armorer Tentative

April 17 – 21               Foreign Weapons taught by Dan Shea in Henderson NV $2195

June 12 – 16                Foreign Weapons Armorer/Operator Course @ Picatinny Arsenal NJ, taught by Dan Shea

June 19                        Glock Armorer Tentative

June 21 – 22                LaRue Class

August 23 – 24            LaRue Class

September 19 – 20      Suppressor Course, Boise Idaho

October 2 – 6               HK GOV Training

Being Scheduled:
LaRue, Barrett, Glock, HK, factory training on site here in Henderson (their factory instructors)
M249/M240 (Dan)
MK19 (Dan)
M2HB (Dan)

Yes, I can instruct overseas as needed and we can put together a private course agenda. I’ve decided to do all instruction myself other than the hosted factory training for a short while, until I find suitable staff.

US Type available: Benelli M1-M3-M4, Mossberg 500-590, Remington 870/700, Colt Police, 1911, Glock, Beretta M9, M2HB, M2A2, M2 QCB, M3 MAAWS, M14/M14A1, M16A1/A2/M4, M60/E3/E4, M79, M203, M320, M134/G, M240/MAG58/L7, M249/Minimi, MK46/MK48. Most legacy firearms like Thompson, 1919, BAR, AR18, etc can be taught as well. I have some old school instructors to draw from for revolvers, lever action, etc.

Foreign Weapon Type available: AGS-17, AK47/AKM/RPK/AK74, AN-94, B10 82mm, DPM, DSHK, FN-FAL, G3, Galial, GP-25/30, GSh23L, Hi-Power, KORD, KPV/T, MG3/M53, Makarov, Milkor 6 shot, NSV, PK/PKM, RPD, RPG-7, SGM, SVD Dragunov Tariq, Tokarev, Uzi, VZ58, VZ61 Skorpion, YAK-B, ZUR-23

Legacy weapons such as Enfield SMLE, MAS-36, Mausers, Mosin-Nagant, SKS, Sten, Sterling, SVT-40, most MGs and rifles can be taught & certified.

Email me if you're interested (We've been rebuilding our websites, so, not there yet)