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About Us

Phoenix Defence is a company started in 2014, as the successor company to Long Mountain Outfitters. LMO set the standard in the international small arms and ammunition business for around 4 decades. Dan & Debbie Shea decided to take their 40+ years of experience and redesign the training and government supply section of their companies and close LMO.

Phoenix Defence has the legacy of those decades of being one of the top armorer/operator training groups in the world. The focus has always been on training the top tier of armorers, whether they were active duty military, contractors, or other government related personnel.

The theory is to trickle down the true understanding of the weapon systems, to help the Master Armorers and other instructors who attend, to teach their students in a more comprehensive manner. This yields a much more skilled armorer at the unit level.

Throughout the Balkan Conflicts, and the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, our training programs were there, helping to familiarize those going into harm's way on most of the threats they would encounter.

Our instructors are all veterans or US government contractors who have been involved in professionally training armorers.

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