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Foreign Weapons & Ammunition

One of the mainstays of our product lines are what is termed “Foreign” weapons and ammunition, or “Non-Standard.” This is of course from the US point of view. Our worldwide connections in factories and surplus sources has allowed us to fulfill many contracts, orders and training on items like the following:

AK family
FAL family
SVD & Sniper
PK series
DShK series

As well as ammunition for all of the above. There are few weapon systems that Phoenix Defence can’t locate and supply to legitimate customers. This includes legacy weapons such as Mosin-Nagant, SKS, Enfield, and Mauser rifles, as well as many submachine guns like the Uzi, MP5, PM12S, and handguns such as the Hi-Power, 92F, 951, Tokarev and Makarov. There are many legacy machine guns that are still active in today’s hotspots, and Phoenix Defence can help in procurement.

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