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Government Contract Sales

Our predecessor companies, Long Mountain Outfitters and Defense Munitions, have a 40 year history of supplying US and foreign government needs on weapons and munitions among other items. We have been well-known suppliers to US Department of Energy, US Department of State, as well as many non-DoD government groups and contractors.

With our long history and experience, Phoenix Defence can help fill all of your munitions, ammunition, and weapon related needs. We offer the following products & services:

Training ammunition, US issue firearms:
    5.56, 7.62x51, 9x19, .45acp, .40 cal, .50BMG

Combat ammunition, Overseas Delivery:
    40x46, 40x53, 25mm, Tank and Artillery rounds

Discreet supply:
    General munitions, US, Africa and Halal MREs, Cannon, Water Purification, Tanks, Field Hospitals, Rebuild of M2HB, M240, MK19, M60

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