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Silencer History, Technology & Testing Course

Instructor: Philip H. Dater, MD
Length: 2-Days
Cost: $495.00
Course Number: PD-SUP-T

Antares Technologies, Inc.

DAY 1: Classroom

Part 1: Introduction, Hearing Damage, & Usage (71 slides)

   Brief History
   Basic principles (very basic)
   Sound sources & character
   OSHA issues/MIL-STD issues
   Hearing mechanism and damage
   Ballistic crack & speed of sound issues
   Subsonic ammunition
   Hearing protection requirements
   Uses for suppressors
   Hearing protection
   Command & Control
   Flash suppression
   Compromise Operation
   Agency liability (including pregnant shooters)

Part 2: Suppressor Designs (124 slides)
   Basic Principles
   Basic silencer types
   Integral (designs and examples)
   Basic designs
   Baffle types
   Captive piston

Part 3: Sound Measuring (78 slides)
   Action types and SPL
   Suitable meters for field usage
      Rise time
   First Round "pop"
   Frustrations in measurements
   Environmental factors
   MIL-STD change suggestions

LAB (Optional, at Range)
Participants are invited to the range for hands-on experience doing sound measurements. We will have several current commercial silencers the reference collections of Gemtech, and we encourage participants to bring units from their collection or evidence room. As a rule, participant provided silencers will require that the participant provide both a host weapon and suitable ammunition. Maps to the range will be issued.

On the second day, participants will be provided with a handout (as a DVD) of the slides used in the presentation, results of prior testing, considerable reference material (as PDF files), and a number of fun high-speed videos.

DAY 2: Classroom

Part 4: Improvised Silencers (51 slides)

   Silencer Kits
   Around the home
   Home Depot Specials
   Forensic issues

Part 5: Design Process, Testing & Longevity (112 slides)
   Design Process & design issues
   Rifle issues
   Pistol issues
   Handgun suppressor recoil boosters (includes high speed video)
   Point of Impact Shift: issues & test results
   Materials used in manufacturing
   R&D: 1996 SOCOM trials

Part 6: Mounting, Stability, Damage, and Goofs (71 slides)
   Mounting issues and mounting systems
   Projectile stability issues
   Maintenance and Cleaning
   What Can Go Wrong: (screw-ups)

BONUS (on Handout DVD, not covered in class): The Early Pioneers
   Hiram P. Maxim
   Mitchell WerBell
   Charles A. ("Mickey") Finn
   C. Reed Knight, Jr.
   Douglas Olson
   Jonathan Arthur Ciener

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