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AR-15 Builders Armorer Course

Length: 2-Days
Cost: Determined by package types detailed below

Building your own AR-15 style rifle on one of the myriad of lower receivers owners have bought, can be a daunting task. We’ve noted a lot of groups selling a 4 hour “build it” class, but honestly, that’s nowhere near enough time to teach what it takes to competently build and keep a reliable AR-15 rifle working, thus our two day course.

At Phoenix Defence, we have over 40 years’ experience in building M16, M4, and AR-15 family rifles as well as teaching and certifying the top tiers of all US military armorers. There’s a lot more to having a lifetime of understanding and use of these rifles than simply going through the motions of putting one together.

This class is being taught by Rob Gee, the former Armory Operations Program Manager at the Dept. of Energy National Training Center, as well as a top trainer on virtually all US weapons. Rob has a deep knowledge of the AR-15 system, and has taught many thousands of armorers and users about this. It was really Rob’s idea to have this class so that he can share that knowledge with gun owners. He’s a life-long firearms enthusiast and gunsmith as well, so you can count on this class being thorough and user-friendly.

Here’s what you can expect from the course:

  • Learning the history and development of the AR-15/M16 system.
  • Gaining a thorough understanding of how the AR-15/M16 system operates.
  • Hands-on with real M16s to learn the differences with the AR-15
  • Repetitive disassembly with question and answers on the classroom M16s
  • Legal discussion on what can and cannot be done with AR-15 builds
  • Ground up build of student’s rifle, by the student
  • Full explanations of troubleshooting and reliability issues
  • You can expect to leave this course with a life-long understanding of your AR-15 and how to reliably keep it running, as well as confidently buying reliable repair and replacement parts.

Package A: Student supplies lower receiver and all parts $495-

Package B: Student supplies lower receiver & purchases parts set for 16” M4 style rifle $1095-

Package C: Student supplies lower receiver & purchases parts set for 20” Standard A2 rifle $1125-

Package D: Student supplies lower receiver & purchases parts set for 20” DMR style rifle $1450-

Many other rifle and caliber options are available- contact us for what caliber/configuration you want. Attendee must be able to pass a NICS background check (Can show CCW as proof).

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