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Foreign Weapons Operator Familiarization Course

Length: 3-Days
Cost: $895.00
Course Number: PD-FW-FAM 

This course is a special familiarization and operator course designed to ensure that the attendee has a thorough understanding of the non-US weapons typically encountered in the various combat zones around the world. The course can be tailored to theater or to special needs of the attendees. General handguns and rifles are a light treatment; the course concentrates on the AK series and the PKM series. The general course is as follows and day and time of covering which firearms will be adjusted according to the needs of the COURSE:

Day 1: Rifles and Handguns
Day 2 & 3: AK series, RPD, and PKM series

Handguns- Handguns covered in this course include the Tokarev variants- Russian, Romanian, Chinese, Polish and others; Makarov pistols and variants from Russia, China, E. Germany and Bulgaria; Tariq pistols from Iraq, and the originals from Italy such as the Beretta 951 and Egyptian  Helwan; The Browning High Power pistol is covered as well. Attendee is given the hands-on opportunity to perform general disassembly and discuss history and issues with the firearms.

Rifles- General legacy rifles covered are the ones found in most combat zones today; Mauser, Enfield SMLE, Mosin-Nagant, MAS36/51, and the SKS. Attendee is given the hands-on opportunity to perform general disassembly and discuss history and issues with the firearms.

Ammunition- Ammunition of the former Com-Bloc is discussed and identified in a manner comparative to the US/NATO standards. 

AK47, AKM, AK74, RPK- the primary small arms of many of the world’s soldiers, as well as many insurgents are covered in chronological order of development and introduction. AK47 and 7.62x39mm variants first, including the sheet metal receiver AKM series, the RPK (Bipod mounted, magazine fed AK variant) and finally the AK74/Tantal- 5.45x39mm. Emphasis in the course is on understanding this primary weapon system, as well as field stripping and operating the AK family.

RPD- This 7.62x39mm belt fed machine gun is encountered around the world as a light machine gun, and the attendee is familiarized with the basic Russian, Chinese, Polish, and other models they may encounter.

PKM- The Light Machine Gun series PK- PKM is encountered all over the world, and is considered by many to be one of the top machine guns ever made. Caliber 7.62x54R, this belt fed portable machine gun has seen service almost everywhere since the 1970s, and is a primary weapon of Iraqi and Afghan forces. The class learns to disassemble, change barrels, and operate the PK series, as well as variants and history.

SVD- The Dragunov system is taught for disassembly and use, as well as the variants- Russian and Chinese, as well as the Iraqi Al-Kadesiah that is similar to the SVD, and the Romanian FPL, which is in fact an AK that looks like a Dragunov and has been entered into theater causing identification and operational issues.

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